Automotive and Mobility Financing

Consumer wheelchair-accessible vehicle financing

Many banks and credit unions have a difficult time securing financing for mobility vehicles simply because they do not understand the cost and value of conversions. Many wheelchair vehicle purchasers are required to educate their bank or credit union, and if approved receive unfairly high interest rates compared to a non-converted vehicle.

At Banclease Acceptance Corp., we take a different approach.

Our team works with a wide range of finance sources that not only understand the added value of the conversion and mobility equipment, but we advocate ensuring everyone is treated fairly and receives the best terms and rates available.

wheelchair-accessible minivan

Easy-to-Apply Loan

We understand how difficult it can be to find the vehicle, conversion, and mobility equipment you need. That’s why we are dedicated to making financing the easiest part of your mobility vehicle buying process. Simply click on the button below to apply, and we will contact you to find and customize the best option for you.


Approved and want to move forward?

We have an expedited and efficient process that can be completed in the comfort of your home. We offer multiple options and will work with you to finalize the loan with the process that best fits:

    • eDocuments
    • Remote eSigning
    • Overnighted Contracts
    • On site

We will customize and accommodate as best as possible

Get financed without electronic access

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable applying for credit online or do not have that as an option, that is no problem. We can adjust our process to best fit your needs and desires.

Financing The Mobility Industry’s Top Mobility Dealers

We have developed relationships with many mobility vehicle manufacturers and dealers across the country. Dealers know that every customer has unique needs, and they trust Banclease Acceptance Corporation’s professional finance team to find the perfect solutions. With many years of experience in both the automotive and mobility industry you can trust that we are going to create the easiest purchase process possible, customized for you.

Flexible Rates and Terms

We offer automotive and mobility financing options customized to fit your budget needs and will do our best to accommodate your requests. Our goal is to find a solution that is the perfect fit for your needs, life, and budget.

Thinking of buying used?

Check out our inventory of great off-lease vehicles, including mobility conversions!


Add Peace of Mind

We offer a range of packages which protect your assets and deliver on-road peace of mind:

  • Mobility and non-mobility vehicle service contracts
  • Bundle package
  • Guaranteed asset protection
  • Flexible payment options

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